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Gayatri Vidya Parishad, a principal educational trust established and become recognized by outstanding teaching staff, humanitarian and technocrats of Visakhapatnam has created "College of Engineering" in 1996 for the advancement of Quality Technical Education in Andhra Pradesh.


My Canadian Pharmacy about Teenage Smoking

Teenage smokingTeenage smoking is a serious modern problem demanding to take urgent decision at the state and public level.

The problem of Teenage Smoking

According to statistical data smoking of teenagers occupies one of the leading positions among modern problems of younger generation. The initial age of smokers makes 7-10 years, but every year the age level decreases. The main part of smokers is pupils of the senior classes aged from 14 till 16 years. School students, generally fraudulently get money at parents and relatives for acquisition of cigarettes. As a result family relationship worsens and there are serious conflicts. Teenage smoking affects various segments of the population, and not just children from dysfunctional families, but also teenagers provided and socially protected. Now in the USA some laws work, and new bills on restriction of access for teenagers to tobacco production prepare, but the most part of laws in practice is realized extremely inefficiently. Impact of nicotine on the growing organism is negative, slows down growth processes, reduces immunity and causes a set of serious diseases. To solve a problem of teenage smoking is necessary to toughen the anti smoking legislation, and also constantly to hold preventive events in educational and entertaining institutions, in mass media and on television. My Canadian Pharmacy ( claims they have possessed special remedies helping people to get rid off such a deteriorating habit infecting people of different ages including children.